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Sol León is a successful Mexican businesswoman who has proven time and time again that nothing is impossible when one strives to be successful. Born in Culiacan, Sinaloa, Marisol Lopez Leon is also the proud mother of Miranda Leon and Luciana Leon.

Her inspiration and support for each of her projects was found in her family, it was her father, who from a very young age instilled in her the entrepreneurial and visionary spirit and her husband to one who convinced and encouraged her to take the first step in the project she called Sol Beauty and Care.

Sol Leon is the CEO and founder of Golden Lion and Sol Beauty and Care
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Golden Lion's mission is focused on the discovery of products and treatments to create a premium wellness line, with unmatched quality that sets a before and after within its category.

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Being the best, the first, unique and unforgettable, Golden Lion's vision is to make a difference that leaves a permanent mark in the way we take care of our internal and external beauty, giving priority to the health and strength of our bodies to reinvent ourselves day by day and create the life we dream of.

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Our values are closely linked to family in all its different versions, to integrity, to the bonds of friendship and loyalty that are formed when we share the well-being and love for a full life where all our goals become possible.

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Golden Lion has a line of products that are characterized by being reliable and convenient, wrapping you in an aura of luxury and comfort to help you take care of your body and achieve all your goals.

Her work at Sol Beauty and Care, allowed her to travel the world, and come across exclusive treatments and products for personal care that little by little became indispensable lifestyle secrets that have made her who Sol León is today.

With products carefully selected to be a premium part of her new luxurious wellness line, which she chose to call Golden Lion, representing the fearless strength that has characterized her at every step of her career.

Sol Leon is the proud mother of Luciana Leon y Miranda Leon

The first product to be unveiled is Glamz

Glamz de Golden Lion by Sol Leon
  • On of a kind
  • Patented
  • To whiten teeth from anywhere just by chewing it
  • Being the first chewable treatment with the quality to lighten up to 5 shades in yellow teeth without damaging the enamel, gums or generating sensitivity,
  • Clean and compact
With big plans and projects for the future, this is just the beginning of a journey in which Sol León is very grateful for the support and affection of all the people she has met and supported, sending a huge kiss to her Dolls, family and friends.